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Revolution washing machines

Posted on: 05/02/2021

These large capacity machines are easy to use, most are available 24/7 and they have good accessibility on our forecourts.

These machines provide a professional performance over and above anything a domestic washer or dryer could achieve. The wash or dry cycle is 30 minutes on average whatever the load or machine size with an exceptional performance. You could wash the content of 3 suitcases in our 18kg machine in 30 minutes.

Full instructions are listed on the machines but as a guide you would follow the following steps for a wash:

  • Please your laundry into your preferred machine (8kg or 18kh)
  • Select “Wash” on the screen
  • Select your softener (optional)
  • Enter your mobile number (to receive a text when your cycle has finished)
  • Enter your payment
  • Select your cycle types

For a list of sites that offer Revolution please see our Store Locator page.

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